Younique Baby



So you may have done some birth preparation but do you feel prepared for what life might be like after your baby is born?  In this 5 hour workshop or bespoke 2 hour one

to one session,

we will explore the following areas:

The Fourth Trimester: what your baby needs in the early weeks and normal newborn behaviour

Babycare guidance: how to look after your baby, products, nappies

Baby sleep and how you can get enough, swaddling and how it works

Becoming a parent: how day to day life may change and what to expect, your relationships with your partner and grandparents to be and sharing the new ‘workload’

Developing your postnatal plan and family babymoon. 



In this bespoke 2 hour workshop/session, together we will develop your postnatal recovery plan, to help you recuperate emotionally and physically after birth..  We will also prepare you for a mother and babymoon as practised in other cultures where mothers are nourished for 40 days after birth and given the time and space to bond with their baby.

We will explore the following areas:

placenta use ideas

physical wellbeing and recovery, rest and self-care

emotional wellbeing, mindset and relaxation

postnatal nutrition

overcoming birth trauma and disappointment

getting the right support



Feeding choices and breastfeeding/bottlefeeding preparation

How to get breastfeeding off to a great start

Victoria's SLOWER breastfeeding method

Troubleshooting any problems

Building your support team

nourishing yourself for breastfeeding and making it enjoyable

involving partners



You may have already done an antenatal course or you may not have done a course but want some bespoke antenatal preparation. If you have questions about your pregnancy/birth or further areas you want to explore, I can help - in your own time and in your own home.  This can cover:

tools to help your birth - what might you want to explore further: breathing, physical touch, optimal positioning, relaxation, mindset, the birthing brain

what you might want to put in your hospital bag

protecting your space: explore how you might use your home environment during the early stages of labour,  how to make the hospital environment work for you

birth preferences/choices: creating a visual mind map you can relate to


Workshops are: £20 per mother and £30 for a couple.

1:1 2 hour session in your home: £75