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There are a wide range of antenatal preparation courses available but I feel that there is a gap in postnatal guidance for parents.  

So here are two super useful workshops for new parents.  

They are also offered as bespoke one to one sessions in the privacy of your home looking at your own baby's rhythms and behaviour.


Workshops: £20 per mother and £30 for a couple.

1:1 sessions in your home: £75


My workshops are based on: evidence based research, my observations as a postnatal doula and what other parents have found useful.  

Parents can find themselves feeling overwhelmed and confused by all the advice and information out there.  

I hope to help you find a way through it all, so you can make the choices that are best for you.



Feeling like you would like to find a routine with your baby?  In this 2 hour session, we will explore the following areas:

Why you would like a routine and what you hope to get from it

Understanding your baby's needs

Preserving precious neonatal reflexes

Optimal feeding and sleep patterns

Observing your baby's cues and behaviour

Finding your baby's rhythm



Feeling sleep deprived and it's really no fun at all?  In this 2 hour workshop, we will explore ideas to help you and your baby get more sleep. 

We will explore the following areas:

Baby sleep patterns

Optimal feeding for sleep

A good sleep environment for babies

Bedtime routine


Soothing and comforting babies

Optimal sleep for you and how to get more


Some testimonials about the workshops:


“ Understanding approaches to routines and hearing other people’s experiences was helpful.  The exercise on essential tasks versus non-essential ones was really useful.  Thank-you!”

“It was all useful.  The group discussion – feeling that other people are going through the same thing - was helpful.  It was good to learn to prioritise and assess my baby’s ‘pattern’.”







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