I am often asked what a 'doula' is,  so maybe think of me as a knowledgeable companion during your pregnancy and far beyond - a listening ear, an extra pair of hands, a sounding board to explore ideas, a source of information and someone to make sure you and your family are ok.



Whether your birth went as you hoped or didn't, I want you to have a positive postnatal experience.  I provide a wide range of parent-centred support services for you and your family.  As a postnatal doula, I can offer you emotional support: talk through your birth story, help with a difficult birth, be a listening ear to any concerns or worries you may have, enable the bonding process between you and your baby and protect your family's 'babymoon'.  If you are feeling down or isolated, I can talk things through with you.  Younique Baby has supported: premature babies, babies with special needs/differently abled, twins, babies with feeding problems and reflux, breastfeeding babies, bottle feeding babies, single parents, babies with older siblings, families from varied cultures, families where a parent has PND or postnatal anxiety, surrogate families.


On a practical level I can: look after your baby so you and your partner can have a rest/bath/some 'me' or 'us' time, look after older children, go shopping/run errands, tidy up/load washing machine/dishwasher/light cleaning, cook healthy and nutritious meals - whatever makes you feel like life is on the track you want.  


I also specialise in: a mother's postnatal rehabilitation: postnatal nutrition and postnatal recovery treatments with abdominal massage and wrapping.


guidance on feeding/sleeping/baby rhythms/routines and development from up to date and accurate research sources as well as observational experience.   I am happy to talk through product options eg types of nappies, baby slings etc and signpost you to helpful organisations/groups for further support/activities.   For the full list of areas I support with, please contact me.


Postnatal doulas differ from maternity nurses in that in addition to caring for your baby, we care for and support you and your partner.  I am also flexible in supplying sessions needed - from one 3 hour session to weeks and months of support - tailored to your requirements and budget.  I also offer bespoke support packages so you can tailor the support you need.


All my services include a basic level of ongoing telephone, text and

email support.  For greater remote support, I offer additional packages

with Zoom support.


For a list of my full services, please email info@youniquebaby.co.uk


Doula UK vouchers accepted.  Prices range from £20-25ph.

Mother and baby lying on bed

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