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"A special, big more than words can really say thank you for all you did for us during the labour. When we spoke about the whole process afterwards, we were both unanimous that we found your presence so calming, reassuring, and at the same time so useful in standing up for us to ensure we got the information we needed from the hospital when decisions needed to be made. We are really so happy you were there with us at during that incredibly tough, intimate, and ultimately amazing time. "

Smita, Matteo and baby Mira


"We had a very positive experience with our birth because of our doula. We had a very long labour (more than 60 hours). Our doula was with us throughout the whole birth, and supported us whenever we needed her. Our doula acted as our best friend, close family member, and the most trusted birth expert. She helped us to bridge the gaps between individual family and the hospital. We hope that she can be there on our second and perhaps third births.  Having a doula is not optional, it is a must have!"

Shanshan, Eric and baby Charlotte


“Sally-Anne, I don’t know what I would have done without your supportive, warm and down-to-earth attitude, and your gentle but firm guidance was exactly what I needed to get me back on my feet.”

Veronique, mum to Edward, 5 weeks old


"I chose Victoria as she had a wonderful knowledge of breastfeeding and was very calm, open, kind and caring with maternal understanding… I would say that the help is essential.  Not only with your home but emotional support too.  Just knowing that someone was going to come and that I'd be able to have a shower/a sleep if I needed.  I found it very easy to have someone else around in the house as it is only 3-4 hours a day.  I found this a perfect balance.  Also knowing that help is offered with anything and everything (shopping etc…)  She answered lots of questions and even lent me a few books to read on certain issues I was having.  She offered a lot of support and guidance too.  Victoria was great around my son too and was hands on with anything and everything."

Milla, Tom, Justin, 2 and a half and baby Poppy, 6 weeks


“Sally-Anne was like having a very supportive older sister helping out.  She gave helpful suggestions on general parenting in a way that was friendly, caring and supportive – and only when asked!  She really bonded with our toddler, who was really pleased to see her each time.”

Rachel, mum to Annabel, 8 weeks and Natalie, 18 months


"Victoria helped me with advice on ideal feeding positions as we were bottle-feeding our daughter, practical things such as wind and digestion, general discussions on baby development, next steps and expectations as well as being kind enough to help me with many, many books.  She is very good in terms of offering pros and cons of various issues i.e. dummy use, yet lets you decide what you believe is the best for your baby.  My experience has been excellent."

Simona, George and Eva, 3 months


“Thank-you for all your love and kindness, for your incredible patience and genuine care for all of us … be it being my agony aunt over a cup of tea, or being Mary Poppins or being a calming influence for the twins.  I am so grateful for all that you have done for us and I will look back on those first two months of motherhood with twins with a smile.”

Sarah, mum to twins Chloe and Emma, newborns


"I think that the postnatal period is full of uncertainties, questions and problems.  I feel that the time you really need support is after the first giddy couple of weeks, when you are alone with your baby, as usually your partner has returned to work.  Most breastfeeding problems, colic, reflux etc don't display themselves until a few weeks in - that's when you need the support of a sympathetic, knowledgable doula!"

Jo, mum to 3 children


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