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Victoria Greenly is Younique Baby's infant feeding counsellor.


Many people say that breastfeeding should be easy and come naturally, but for some mothers it doesn't.  It's important for women to reach out if they are struggling, confused or unsure.  Breastfeeding your baby can be a fulfilling experience with the right support.  I have supported over 1000 women in my local area with feeding their babies and now prepare other postnatal doulas to support mothers with their infant feeding ideals.


I began my training as a breastfeeding counsellor in 2011 and supported mothers in local health clinics and children's centres on a voluntary basis.  I qualified in 2013.  My passion for guiding breastfeeding mothers ensures I keep learning.  Since then, I deepen my knowledge by reading up to date and evidence based books, articles and information from online resources and attending study days with lactation consultants and breastfeeding experts - so that I keep the information I give as current and relevant as possible.  I have also broadened my knowledge on infant feeding in general, including bottle and formula feeding and can support you with optimal bottle and formula feeding.  As an infant feeding counsellor who advocates for mother's choice, I will provide a listening ear and non-judgemental support.


Getting out of the house with your baby can be difficult if you are feeling overwhelmed, so I offer an intensive 2 hour infant feeding support session in the comfort of your own home.

As well as monitoring how breastfeeding is going and troubleshooting immediate problems, we can also look at the following areas:

How breastfeeding works, the composition of breastmilk, the evidence based benefits of breastfeeding

Watching your baby's own feeding pattern and checking positioning/attachment

Expressing and storage of breastmilk

Troubleshooting other breastfeeding problems

Breastfeeding in bed/at night

Maintaining milk supply

The long term plan with your own breastfeeding ideals

Optimal bottle and formula feeding


I have lots of experience with a multitude of breastfeeding issues including: sore/cracked nipples, flat/inverted nipples, reflux, 'colic', thrush, mastitis, milk supply issues, tongue tie, food intolerances/allergies, oral aversion and insufficient glandular tissue.


Lactogenic foods and herbs interest me and I am happy to cook lactogenic recipes for you as part of my postnatal doula services.


£60 for a 2 hour session. (Local areas that don't require transport).

£75 for a 2 hour session. (Areas that are not walking distance).



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