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This is a blog written by Victoria Greenly, a postnatal doula.  Here you will find my musings on all things postnatal and what it is like to be a postnatal doula.

By Victoria Greenly, Nov 23 2017 12:36PM

I will always remember when as a newly practicing postnatal doula a number of years ago, I went on to a local mums’ network on Facebook to promote my services and I read a post from a mother asking for support for her baby’s reflux from other mums. Her post received over one hundred comments in a couple of hours from other mothers whose babies had suffered in the same way and they wanted to share their knowledge and ideas.

I was shocked and disappointed that not only were so many babies suffering but also that their mothers were so distressed and overwhelmed. I started to research and try to understand what this new ‘epidemic’ was and how I could better support mothers in my role as a postnatal doula. As a result, I was often employed by mothers whose babies were afflicted by reflux. The parents themselves had felt that they were not being given good support from health professionals particularly GPs, especially as the first one-stop solution they were given was to feed the baby some Gaviscon – which often resulted in more pain for the baby due to constipation. There also seems to be little understanding on the correct usage of reflux medication. My clients were often confused and concerned as to whether the medication was a) really working and b) if there were possible side effects for the baby.

I knew I could give them better support if I improved my knowledge (additionally within my role as an infant feeding counsellor). There was very little published information despite all my research, so I had to collect information from a variety of sources and also through observing my clients’ babies. I developed new skills and became convinced that feeding babies optimally was one of the key elements in preventing reflux.

Over the last couple of years more information is coming to light, but from my experience the key things that have helped the parents I have supported with baby reflux are:

getting breastfeeding going in the most optimal way right from the start ie troubleshooting any problems with a baby’s latch, particularly tongue tie issues which need to be assessed by a breastfeeding specialist - and ensuring that feeds are completed by the baby in the way that preserves the baby’s natural feeding rhythm and so the baby gets a full feed

as little outside intervention as possible during breastfeeding, allowing babies some peace and quiet, not over-stimulating babies particularly during feeding and encouraging mothers to relax whilst they feed

not cramming too much in with young babies but following their natural rhythms, following their cues and giving them the time to develop at their own pace, particularly their fragile digestive systems

not delaying a feed – feeding on a baby’s cue

being consistent with feeding particularly when switching from breast to bottle and mixed feeding, particularly in the early days – this needs to be carefully managed by an infant feeding counsellor

not expressing too soon – again this needs to be carefully managed by consulting an infant feeding counsellor

ensuring that when bottle feeding, a mother practices ‘paced’ feeding and allows the baby to fully digest the milk at their pace, maintaining their feeding self regulation

when bottle feeding, checking a baby’s latch on the bottle and replicating breastfeeding as much as possible through position of the baby and bottle teat

exploring potential food intolerances particularly to cow’s milk protein and referring on to specialist support

I have used all these techniques with the clients I have supported and particularly encourage their use to prevent reflux occurring in the first place. Of course, there are many other things that may relieve some of the pain symptoms and aid digestive relief, eg wearing baby in a sling, encouraging babies to sleep in a slightly more upright position (although sleep positioners have now been withdrawn from many retail outlets), baby massage, cranial osteopathy and other therapies eg Bowen technique etc, mixing some weak fennel tea in with bottle milk, probiotics. As a postnatal doula, I present my clients with the options out there and encourage them to make an informed decision on which course they may like to take. But overloading parents with multiple options to ‘cure’ reflux can also be very stressful for them, particularly when they don’t see an improvement in symptoms.

As a postnatal doula course provider, we also prepare doulas with good information through our reflux section on a workshop we provide called Understanding Newborns.

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