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So, you are expecting your second, third, fourth, even fifth baby ...  do you need to do a refresher course?

The answer is, of course, yes.  


Attending a refresher gives you the opportunity and space to reflect on your previous experiences of birth and really consider if you want to do something differently this time round.  In a safe environment, you will be able to explore ways in which things perhaps didn’t go to plan last time and think about how you can approach the birth this time round.  Through sharing the achievements and challenges that all the course attendees experienced, you can develop strategies to have an empowered and dignified birth this time round, whatever the outcome!


The course also gives you the chance to consider how to introduce your new baby into your family.  A lot of time is spent thinking about how a bigger family dynamic will work and how you and your partner can work together confidently with a new addition.  Juggling the needs of more than one child can be stressful and confusing - so we hope to help you find a way through.  Having a network of other mums who have older children and a baby can also be an invaluable source of support.


Please contact us for a course agenda and cost.





You may have already done an antenatal course or you may not have done a course but want some bespoke antenatal preparation. If you have questions about your pregnancy/birth or further areas you want to explore, we can help - in your own time and in your own home.  We can show you the skills you will need during labour - breathing, massage, birthing positions and relaxation - we can then guide you as you practice them.  We can also check your hospital bag, explore how you might use your home environment during the early stages of labour, and make sure you feel prepared for when your baby arrives.  


Postnatal care of your baby can be included in any session we provide for you, including a check of products you may have or need.  Victoria provides a 'preparing for breastfeeding' session if desired.


Antenatal preparation is £25ph.


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